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September 2022 - Alaris Highlights

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Our newest release of Alaris Portal is making digital check-in

and the onsite management of After School, Camp and Childcare easier than ever.

Here are 3 Alaris Portal highlights that can make a BIG impact for your team!

1. Family Details & Authorized pick-ups at your fingertips!

Using a tablet, desktop or site phone, your staff can find, add and update important family details easily in the Alaris Portal.

Alaris helps you manage in real-time:

  • Authorized pick-ups

  • Emergency contacts

  • Medical information

  • Child notes

Increase child safety with easy access to important child and family information in the Alaris Portal.


2. New Roster Management tools

Check out some of the ways the new Roster Management functionality can support your teams and operations.

Add a child to a roster manually to accommodate a last-minute registration. Now you'll never miss the tracking of a child's check-in event.

Remove a child from a roster manually to accommodate any in-the-moment program, grade, or level changes, and in turn, providing staff with an accurate roster of children in their care.

Are you using a manual enrollment process? Build your rosters, operate check-in, and view reports in Alaris, all without needing a larger member management system.

Alaris Portal provides the flexibility your staff need to efficiently manage program participants onsite, as well as maintain accurate records of all check-in and check-out events.


3. Group Messaging

No need to pull marketing email lists just to provide quick parent notifications.

The Alaris Portal Group Messaging tools makes this easy by:

  • Providing access to view and select recipients by program and day of enrollment for your sms text messages.

  • Attach photos of the day's happenings.

  • Deliver automated daily reports to parents with a recap of all the fun!

Isolating your program list for last-minute communication has never been easier. Send updates and photos of all the fun in minutes!


We hope you enjoyed the latest addition of highlights and have a wonderful and successful fall season! We appreciate the opportunity to support your team along the way. With love — Jeremy & the Alaris Team

Alaris 11835 N 19th Ave Suite 201, Phoenix, AZ, 85029, United States

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