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We are thankful for what we do and excited to share the

Alaris November Newsletter!

Our topics this month include:

How to Create Historical Check-Ins for Kids' Club

Introduction to our Program Registration Platform for next year's camps

Plus we'll show you how to sync members

3 different ways in Alaris

“The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale


1. Never miss a check-in!

You can now create historical check-ins right from the Alaris Portal. Here are 4 easy steps:

  1. Login to the portal, select the facility and search for the child member, click 'view member'

  2. In the top right corner select 'Actions' and then 'Kiosk Check-In'

  3. Follow the prompts to choose the parent or guardian and then the children you want to check-in from their family

  4. Roll back the date and time you need and then sign. That's it!

Power Outage? Wifi Out? No worries!

We know things happen - the power goes out, wifi stops working, a tablet gets spilled on...

and we don't want you to miss a thing! Plus, with our offline child watch mode, you can still know who is in your care at all times.


 2. Summer Camp....Now??

Alaris is already thinking about summer...

It's just starting to feel like fall and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but you can bet parents will be signing up their kids for summer camps once the new year hits.

Our customers needed a streamlined program registration

so we did what we always do and got to work!

The Alaris white-labeled registration site enables you to connect your members & non-members to their account, signup and pay for camps, swim classes or events. Alaris creates rosters from those enrollments in our web-based portal so you can collect attendance and track important participant info. We give you admin control to create new programs, descriptive content and ongoing sessions so you don't have to rely on us when you want to add revenue generating programs.

We continue to develop our online registration platform with the user experience in mind.

If you'd like to learn more please contact our team at


3. Is the number of ways you can sync a member in Alaris.

That's right, there are 3 ways to pull in member updates from your management system into Alaris. Follow any of these steps to do a real-time sync event!

1. From the Staff App you can click on a child member and then the 'Family' tab. Use the cloud button next to the Adult family members to sync. 2. In the Portal, from the 'Members' tab, find the member and click on them to see a pop out screen. The sync button is right at the top. 3. Also in the Portal, from the member information page you can click on 'Actions' and then select 'Sync' from the dropdown menu.

Helpful tip: To maintain your member management system as your main source of truth be sure to always make member changes there first and then use the sync buttons to pull in the new info into Alaris. This keeps the data squeaky clean!


We would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful feedback, kindness and patience shared by your teams throughout the year.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you everyday!

With love —

Jeremy & the Alaris Team

CONTACT US | | (415) 735-1684

Alaris 5350 W. Bell Rd Suite 122, #605, Glendale, AZ, 85308, United States

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School's out now...but not for long!!

How to Simplify Your Fall Programs for a Smooth Transition

In this month's edition learn how Alaris supports:

Program Operations for Before/After School & Childcare

An elevated member experience with our new Member Portal

How to enhance Youth Fitness and Fall Events

*Plus: Our newest app icon has arrived!

Can you guess what it may be?? Keep scrolling to learn more.


1 Back 2 School Solutions

We know how busy the start of school is and we are here to help! Alaris offers the following benefits for your thriving youth programs:

  • Integrated with your CRM, plus nightly syncing gets you off paper for good!

  • Our +Add to Roster feature allows you to handle new roster additions or changes quickly, so you can move on and stay present.

  • Options to pull in medical fields and authorized pickups with most of our integrations are now available, hooray!

Our streamlined check-in system does the work so you can spend more time engaging with those energetic kids!

Did you know? Software integration eliminates the need for manual data transfer and reduces duplicated efforts. This saves time and resources while allowing employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.


2 Big News: Alaris Member Portal is taking off!

Your Gateway to a Seamless

Member Experience

Our newest addition to the Alaris solution is a dedicated Member Portal.

Users will create their own login with a barcode or phone number to update important family info like:

Medical Concerns, Authorized Pick-ups, Emergency Contacts

and find forms or waivers that may need to be filled

**Coming soon in the Member Portal, see Kids' Club Reservations & Program Registration appointments, too! **

With our integrated member portal, the member gains access to a seamless and user-friendly platform that puts safety tools and document resources they need filled right at their fingertips.


3 Youth Activities managed with ease

Alaris provides check-in options for any programs you offer, on any device!

Need to cancel a class and alert parents? No problem! Our group messaging feature is now available in the Portal.

Want to take a photo and share it with your members? We can do that too!

Need a better way to register members & non-members online? Alaris can support that and attach payments to the member's account in your CRM. Cool!!

Alaris keeps your member management system as the main source of truth, and provides all the extra bells & whistles that may be missing otherwise.


You say it's your birthday??

Check out our latest App Icon which helps inform busy staff about participant's birthdays so they never miss an important day!

Our goal is to help you create raving fans with these personal touches.


We hope you enjoyed the latest addition of highlights and wish you the best as you prepare for your upcoming fall programs.

We appreciate the opportunity to support your team along the way.

With love —

Jeremy & the Alaris Team

CONTACT US | | (415) 735-1684

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Alaris...Not just for Kids' Club anymore!

Thinking about adding or enhancing your programs?

Alaris has your check-ins & online registration covered!

In this month's edition:

Discover how Alaris supports your

Revenue Generating Programs

Plus, see what's new in the Portal for our customers


Learn how we help streamline your check-ins

for all programs, from aquatics to after-school offerings!


1. Online registration

Alaris now offers a white-labeled online registration platform with the following features:

  • Mobile optimized to easily embed in your app or link from your website

  • Highly customizable & integrated with your management system

  • Linked straight to the member account for easy payments or simply add a card during checkout!

Options to register your member &

non-member participants

making enrollments smoother!


2. Alaris Portal Updates

We are excited to announce the

Reporting Dashboard

can now be accessed automatically

from the home page of the Staff Portal.

We've made it easier for managers to

get access to the data their teams need

when they need it the most!

Alaris Portal is the best way to manage member info, view rosters, add authorized pick ups, emergency contacts and much, much more. If you haven't started using it yet, be sure to request a demo!


3. Streamline All Programs

Let Alaris enhance the member and staff experience during a busy summer or back to school time.

  • Alaris offers 2 ways to check in - via our Apps or the Web-Based Portal -capture signatures on both!

  • Manage group creation with our super easy to use staff portal in seconds

  • Eliminate paper completely with our notes and group activity tracking features

Need Group Messaging? No problem! Alaris has group text or email options

Did you know Alaris offers free pilot experiences?

Contact us to learn more!


We hope you enjoyed the latest addition of highlights and wish you the best as you prepare for your upcoming summer programs.

We appreciate the opportunity to support your team along the way.

With love —

Jeremy & the Alaris Team

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