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December, 2023 Alaris Highlights


'Tis the season for making wishes come true!


Check out our most recent feature updates

and get a sneak peek at what's on deck for 2024!!


Topics in this edition include:


Group Activity Tracking now available in the Alaris Portal


Creating families & rosters with our new CSV Roster Import 


And great news Reservations 3.0 is almost here....

So let's jump right in!!


1. Group Activity Tracking from any device

Staff want an easy way to track group activities; like lesson plans, arts & crafts, or even naps. Now you can use any device to track these events in the Alaris Portal.

  1. Create activities for groups of kids on your roster in either the Portal or Staff App, whatever is easiest for your team.

  2. Automated daily emails available to send parents & guardians so they know what's been going on in your care.

  3. Option to have the parent login to their own member portal so they can check activities throughout the day!


2. CSV Roster Importing

No member management system? No problem!

Our CSV Roster Import tool is designed to create a digital list of attendees connected to their parents/guardians in Alaris for easy check-in and out.

This way you can track attendance and stay off paper for good.


This feature is designed to work with programs that don't go through a member management system to create their rosters. 


Contact our sales team for more details


3.0 The New Reservations Platform is almost here (Hooray!!)

Alaris is making reservations easy...from start to finish!

We are so excited that our new Reservations 3.0 platform is about to launch. Here are a few enhancements that will be game-changers:

1. A new grid layout to quickly see open spots in your program

2. More real-time admin control for capacity setting and surprise site closures

3. No-show email options to connect with those members who need to be notified

Embed in your app or website for a seamless user experience. With our strong integration component, you can allow or block access based on membership type or services.


It's been a great year and we are so excited about what's to come in 2024!!

Happy Holidays from all of us.

With love —

Jeremy & the Alaris Team

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