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February 2023, Alaris Highlights

Our Valentine's we love to make your lives easier!

With Summer Camp registration underway, this month's 3 feature highlights focus on ways Alaris supports camp management and parent communication.


Not on the roster? No problem...Staff can now add (or remove) participants from

any current roster directly in the Portal!

1. Real Time Roster Additions

Use the Members Tab to quickly search for a child

and add

or remove them from any roster in real-time.

You can now accommodate in-the-moment for

any program, grade, or level changes, and in turn,

provide staff with an accurate roster of children

in your care.


2. Last-minute authorized pick-up additions

Add an Authorized Pick-Up at Check-Out

~A parent calls to add an authorized pick up right at check out time...Don't Panic! We've got you covered.

You can now write in an authorized pick-up AND capture their signature. Phew, that was close!

Alaris Portal provides the flexibility your staff need to efficiently manage program participants onsite, as well as maintain accurate records of all check-in and check-out events.


3. Group Messaging...Alaris Two-Way Messaging has arrived!

Text and email responses will have a dedicated inbox where site leaders can respond quickly, and get back to managing those happy kids!

- Select your own dedicated inbox where responses from staff texts or emails can be monitored.

- Never miss an important communication and help parent's feel more secure leaving kids all day at camp.

- Keep track of responses to address issues that directors may not know about until it's too late.​


We hope you enjoyed the latest addition of highlights and wish you the best as you prepare for the most amazing summer camp experience ever!

We appreciate the opportunity to support your team along the way.

With love —

Jeremy & the Alaris Team


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