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Child Programs Digital Check-in
Parent Portal Instructions 

Update Authorized Pick-ups and Emergency Contacts for your children in real time by registering in the Alaris Parent Portal.

Registering in the Parent Portal


Click on the link below to register using your (the parent and/or guardian's) phone number or facility barcode, found on your membership key tag.  


Select your name from the list of members to register. 


An email will be sent to your email account on file at the facility. Please allow a  couple of minutes. You may find the email in your spam folder as well.  

Continue to create a password and return to the Parent Portal screen to login

Once registered, view and edit important information about your child. 

Edit the authorized pick-ups eligible to pick up your child(ren) from their programs.

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Edit the emergency contacts for your child(ren).

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Edit any important allergies or medical information for your child(ren).

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